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Unique seasonal spa menu
5-star service standarts
Private spa area: hammam, steam room & swimming pool

Vremya SPA — it’s time to take care of yourself!

We work according to five-star service standards. We are proud of our private spa area: the Turkish hammam, the Russian steam room and the hydromassage pool. And it's really private; you will not meet other guests during treatments. We have two types of spa menu: a unique seasonal spa menu and a basic spa menu.

The seasonal menu includes spa programs and facial care options for one person. For each season we specially select treatments which are better to be provided in spring, summer, autumn, winter. Then we do the same for each day of the week. And the last stage — we select the most useful morning, daytime and evening treatments.  Our goal is to understand which moment is the best for you personally to visit our detox/tonus/relax treatments. We want each guest to feel harmony and to get the maximum spa effect. The seasonal menu has three themes: aromatherapy, thalassotherapy, and the ethnic theme.

How we create such menu? We rely on experts of the brands we work with. For example, Italian {Comfort Zone] has scientists, doctors and neurobiologists in their team; French Thallasso Bretagne has experts of spa-resort treatment. At our request, they make recommendations for us every season.

The ethnic spa menu we create according to opinions of the best Russian experts and, of course, to centuries-old observations of different ethnic groups.

Also, we have the basic menu. It is full of different options: massages, bath/couple/mother-to-be/new mother programs, facial care treatments, spa parties.

We believe spa visit is a very good gift! Our receptionists and spa specialists will certainly help you to choose a gift certificate.